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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessment of the Stability of Condensed Solid Substance Ignition by a Hot ParticleGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Nyashina, Galina Sergeevna; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2018Energy and Environmental Indicators of the Combustion of High-moisture Fuels Based on Typical Municipal and Industrial WastesVershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2018Experimental Investigation of Combustion of Aqueous Fuel Compositions Based on Peat, Coal Slimes and Coal DustShlegel, N. E.; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich
2015Fire Danger of Interaction Processes of Local Sources with a Limited Energy Capacity and Condensed SubstancesGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2015Heat and Mass Transfer at Hot Surface Ignition of Coal ParticleGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Kosintsev, Andrey; Shlegel, Nikita; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2016Heat Mode Electronic Devices at Elevated External TemperaturesKravchenko, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Boykova, Tamara
2015Hot Surface Ignition of A Composite Fuel DropletGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2018Igniting Soaring Droplets of Promising Fuel SlurriesBogomolov, Aleksandr Romanovich; Valiullin, Timur Radisovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Shevyryov, Sergey Aleksandrovich; Shlegel, Nikita Evgenjevich
2016Improving Energy Efficiency Cable ProductionIashutina, Olga; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Ivanova, Evgeniya Vladimirovna
2016Integral Characteristics of Stability of Coal-Water Slurries and Coal-Water Slurries Containing Petrochemicals By Evaluation of Separation Into LayersDmitrienko, Margarita Aleksandrovna; Nyashina, Galina Sergeevna; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Lyrshchikov, Sergey Yurievich
2014Mathematical modelling of heat and mass transfer at the ignition of a liquid condensed substance by a local source with limited energy capacityVershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Glushkov, Dmitry Olegovich
2015The Research of Coal-Water Slurry Fuel Ignition and Artificial Composite Liquid Fuel Droplets in Academic ContextGlushkov, Dmitry Olegovich; Strizhak, Pavel Alexandrovich; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna
2018К вопросу о переходе тепловых электрических станций с традиционных топлив на органоводоугольные топливные композицииКурганкина, Маргарита Александровна; Вершинина, Ксения Юрьевна; Озерова, Ирина Петровна; Медведев, Валерий Васильевич; Kurgankina, Margarita Aleksandrovna; Vershinina, Kseniya Yurievna; Ozerova, Irina Petrovna; Medvedev, Valery Vasilievich