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Title: Система централизованного управления денежными средствами "cash-pooling"
Authors: Лаптев, И. А.
Спицын, Владислав Владимирович
Keywords: электронные ресурсы; централизованное управление; денежные средства; финансовые рынки; денежные пулы; пулы
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Изд-во ТПУ
Citation: Лаптев И. А. Система централизованного управления денежными средствами "cash-pooling" / И. А. Лаптев, В. В. Спицын // Информационные технологии в науке, управлении, социальной сфере и медицине : сборник научных трудов Международной конференции с международным участием , 29 апреля - 2 мая 2014 г., Томск : в 2 ч. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2014. — Ч. 2. — [С. 206-209].
Abstract: For the last year the whole world saw "dark side" of a financial system. Didn't remain any corporation and the financial market which didn't feel on itself effect of crisis. Having got to the similar situation, many companies came to the decision to optimize financial relationship in own structure. As a result owners and top managers without hesitation include a problem of creation and 207 development of corporate treasury in the current policy of development of corporate governance as the priority. The main instrument of the centralized management of funds of corporation is the system which has received the name cash pooling. Cash pooling gives the chance of parent organization (the corporate center) quickly to dispose of means on accounts of the companies entering into group.
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