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Title: Сетевая онтология управления туристической отраслью
Other Titles: Network ontology of tourism domain
Authors: Куклина, М. В.
Труфанов, А. И.
Куклина, В. В.
Тихомиров, А. А.
Берестнева, Ольга Григорьевна
Keywords: электронные ресурсы; туризм; региональный менеджмент; онтология; информационно-коммуникативные технологии; tourism; regional management; ontology
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Изд-во ТПУ
Citation: Сетевая онтология управления туристической отраслью / М. В. Куклина [и др.] // Информационные технологии в науке, управлении, социальной сфере и медицине : сборник научных трудов IV Международной научной конференции, 5-8 декабря 2017 г., Томск : в 2 ч. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2017. — Ч. 2. — [С. 38-45].
Abstract: It is known that actor-network approach proposed by B. Latura et. al. describes in an identical manner material and semiotic relations, i.e. relations between subjects and objects, and concepts, and in these connections is subject to serious criticism and, therefore, is highly controversial. In contrast, complex networks elicited by A. Barabashi's works as a starting position for a modern understanding of complex dynamic objects with a huge number of actors allow and assume diverse stratification, and demonstrate their topological specificity. The work deals with multidisciplinary ontology, which combines actor-network approach and complex network platform, as a perspective for effective management within the tourist industry of regional scale.
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