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Title: Improving the heat resistance of polymer electrical insulation systems for the modernization of induction motors
Authors: Leonov, Andrey Petrovich
Usacheva, Tatjyana Vladimirovna
Lyapunov, Danil Yurievich
Voronina, Nataljya Alekseevna
Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
Rogachev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Keywords: электроизоляция; полимерные материалы; термостойкость; индукционные двигатели; electrical insulation system; polymeric materials; heat resistance; induction motor; weight-size; parameters
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: KarSU
Citation: Improving the heat resistance of polymer electrical insulation systems for the modernization of induction motors / A. P. Leonov, T. V. Usacheva, D. Yu. Lyapunov [et al.] // Eurasian Physical Technical Journal. — 2021. — Vol. 18, No. 1. — [P. 34-42].
Abstract: Ensuring high power, efficiency and reliability of induction motor operation while providing small weight–size parameters represents an up-to-date problem. One of the factors limiting the reduction of weight–sizeparameters when increasing capacities of induction motors is the failure of the insulation system. Therefore, thereis a strong need for studying the issues of slot fill when designing an induction motor, taking into account anincrease in the heat resistance class of electrical insulation systems. The purpose of the present research is todevelop a polymeric electrical insulation system of increased heat resistance for the modernization of aninduction medium-capacity motor to reduce weight–size parameters and to evaluate the possible savings ofwinding material. The paper deals with an analysis on the stator–slot fill for the induction motor. Modernconductor and insulation materials were selected. The necessary calculations for a medium–power inductionmotor of different heat resistance classes were performed. The usage of the proposed electrical insulation systemwas substantiated. The analysis shows the possibility of increasing the heat resistance of the polymer electricalinsulation systems to save winding material for induction motors without reducing the specified quality level.
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