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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Electrochemical Determination of L-Glutamate on a Carbon-Containing Electrode Modified with Gold by VoltammetryDorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Shabaeva, Aliya Anvarovna; Mosolkov, Aleksey Yurievich
2015Electrochemical Determination of Some Triphenylmethane Dyes by Means of VoltammetryVishenkova, Dariya Aleksandrovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Sokolova, Vera Alekseevna; Kratochvil, B.
2014Fluorescence Analysis of E. coli Bacteria in WaterBulycheva, Elizaveta Vladimirovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Kustova, A. A.; Petrova, Ekaterina Viktorovna
2015Indirect electrochemical determination of heparin in pharmaceuticalsVishenkova, Dariya Aleksandrovna
2014Investigation of Coenzyme Q[10] by VoltammetryPetrova, Ekaterina Viktorovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Kratochvil, B.; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Dorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Bulycheva, Elizaveta Vladimirovna
2014Investigation of Electrochemical Properties of Xanthine, Adenine and Thymine on a Glassy Carbon Electrode by VoltammetryVishenkova, Dariya Aleksandrovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Dorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Derina, Kseniya Vladimirovna
2014Pharmaceutical CocrystalsKorotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Kratochvнl, B.
2019Preparation and Investigation of Silver Nanoparticle–Antibody Bioconjugates for Electrochemical Immunoassay of Tick-Borne EncephalitisKhristunova, Ekaterina; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Kratochvil, Bohumil; Barek, Jiri; Dorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Vyskocil, Vlastimil; Plotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Sidelnikov, Vladimir Sergeevich
2014Study of sorption properties of new filter materials as the basis for development a compact water purification systemPlotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Martemyanova, I. V.; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich
2015The modified electrode for the determination of cholesterolChulkova, I. V.; Derina, Kseniya Vladimirovna; Taishibekova, Y. K.
2015The Study of Redox Electrode Processes of Sulfur-Containing Compounds by VoltammetryDorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Kataev, S. G.; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Plotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Derina, Kseniya Vladimirovna
2014Voltammetric Sensor for Total Cholesterol DeterminationDerina, Kseniya Vladimirovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Dorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Vishenkova, Dariya Aleksandrovna
2015Water Purification with Natural Sorbents: Effect of Surface Modification with Nano-structured ParticlesPlotnikov, Evgeny Vladimirovich; Martemianova, Irina; Martemyanov, Dmitry Vladimirovich; Zhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna; Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna; Silnikov, Vladimir