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Title: Voltammetric Sensor for Total Cholesterol Determination
Authors: Derina, Kseniya Vladimirovna
Korotkova, Elena Ivanovna
Dorozhko, Elena Vladimirovna
Voronova, Olesya Aleksandrovna
Vishenkova, Dariya Aleksandrovna
Keywords: холестерин; биосенсоры; холестерин; перекись водорода; вольтамперометрические датчики; вольтамперометрия; cholesterol; biosensor; horseradish peroxidase; cholesterol oxidase; hydrogen peroxide
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Voltammetric Sensor for Total Cholesterol Determination [Electronic resource] / K. V. Derina [et al.] // Procedia Chemistry . — 2014 . — Vol. 10 : Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in XXI century . — [P. 513-518] .
Abstract: We report on a voltammetric sensor for the detection of total cholesterol. The sensor was fabricated by co-immobilization of two enzymes: cholesterol oxidase (ChOx) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on porous graphite. The electrochemical behavior of the sensor was studied with the use of linear sweep voltammetry. It has been shown that the sensor has high stability and high sensitivity (16 muA mM{-1} cm{-2}). The biosensor exhibited a wide linear range up to 300 mol/dm3 in a condition close to physiological (pH=6.86). Besides, the interferences of some key analytes containing in the blood were studied. As a matter of fact, making a fabricated sensor is rather promising for using in clinical practice.
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