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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017About Extra-Curricular Activities of The University Graduate - Student's ViewpointIvanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Mertins, Kseniya Viktorovna; Kaftasev, Semen
2016Active learning approach in Moodle for the organization of student’s self-study practice-based learning activitiesIvanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Mertins, Kseniya Viktorovna; Abdrashitova, Mariya Ovseevna; Isaeva, Dariya
2015Active Orientation Systems, Stabilization of Artificial SatellitesPozharskiy, T. S.
2016Aerospace engineering training: universities experienceMertins, Kseniya Viktorovna; Ivanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Natalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Alexandrova, Mariya Aleksandrovna
2015Antifriction Materials in Aerospace Instrument MakingTatarnikov, E. V.
2016Application perspective of gas-dynamic bearing in the aerospace industryBetenekova, N. V.
2015Brushless Direct Current Motor and its ControlBui Duc Bien
2018Can MOOC help to prepare a well-trained specialist for aerospace industry?Ivanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Mertins, Kseniya Viktorovna; Barabanova, Julia Aleksandrovna; Yurkina, Irina
2015Ceramics Material in SpaceFrolov, Ruslan Andreevich
2015Colonization of the Moon. Myth or Reality?Shevnin, E. A.
2015Competencies Analysis in the Sustainable Development Field of Electrical Engineering Baccalaureate Program AlumniIvanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Mertins, Kseniya Viktorovna
2016Design of a parametrical flywheel with use of new technologiesAyusheev, M. S.; Kostyuchenko, Tamara Georgievna
2015Design of MEMS Vibratory GyroscopesLo Van Hao
2016Device for continuously monitoring of health of cosmonautsBoyakhchyan, A. A.; Soldatov, V. S.; Uvarov, Aleksandr Andreevich; Overchuk, K. V.; Lezhnina, Inna Alekseevna
2017Does a University graduate need a portfolio?Mertins, Kseniya Viktorovna; Ivanova, Veronika Sergeevna; Daneykin (Daneikin), Yuri Viktorovich; Daneykina (Daneikina), Natalia Viktorovna
2016Energy generation of the vibration oscillations. Electromagnetic generatorsRygzynova, A. C.
2016Energy generation of the vibration oscillations. Piezoelectric effectMantykova, M. V.
2016Ensuring accuracy of gyroscopic systems. modern methods and approachesKaftasyev, S. M.
2015First Artificial Earth satelliteMadyev, S. A.
2015Global Navigation Satellite SystemDruzhinin, K. P.; Isaeva, D. V.