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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014About English words in German language: the use and semanticsSideltseva, Kh. E.; Satsuta, A. E.
2014About some Spanish borrowings in EnglishKiseleva, M. S.
2016Advantages of extracurricular drama activities in foreign language teachingKuimova, Marina Valerievna; Uzunboylu, H.; Startseva, D. A.; Devyatova, K. P.
2016Comparison of electrocardiographs "EK3T-01-P-D" and "SCHILLER CARDIOVIT AT-4"Pavlenko, B. N.
2016Comparison of X-ray diagnostic units "Proton" and "MOVIPLAN"Ukhov, S. A.; Kiyanitsyna, A. A.
2015Dynamic simulation of electrons in the injector of sealed vacuum chamber of industrial betatronsShestak, Aleksandr Pavlovich; Malikov, Evgeny Lvovich (L'vovich); Sukharnikov, Konstantin Vladimirovich; Rychkov, Maksim Mikhailovich; Kuimova, Marina Valerievna
2016E-Learning as a Means to Improve the Quality of Higher EducationKuimova, Marina Valerievna; Kiyanitsyna, Anastasiya; Truntyagin, Alexey
2016Emotional burnout in professional activity of a technical university teacherKuimova, Marina Valerievna; Uzunboylu, H.; Chen, A. S. M.; Gerasimchuk, Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
2016Evaluation of the effectiveness of public announcement means to prevent emergencyMazhanov, M. O.; Skvortsova, S. S.
2017Freelance in Russia and its priority directionsSkvortsova, S. S.; Mazhanov, M. O.
2016Friction weldingNikiforov, D. S.; Raspaev, A. A.
2016Gossamer orbit lowering device as a way to solvethe problem of space debrisStartseva, D. A.; Devyatova, K. P.
2016Information and Communication Technologies in Engineering EducationMaldague, Xavier; Kuimova, Marina Valerievna; Burleigh, Douglas; Skvortsova, Sofia
2017Laser welding in mechanical engineering (comparison of some types of lasers and their demand)Nikiforov, D. S.; Sherbakov, V. V.
2015Modeling of the Future in the Programs of Political PartiesSentsov, Arkady Eduardovich; Alexandrow (Alexandrov), Oleg Anatoljevich; Bolsunovskaya, Yuliya Aleksandrovna; Kuimova, Marina Valerievna
2015Modelling of PV - module based on data sheet parametersDinh, V. T.
2017Nanotech nology in the construction industryStartseva, D. A.; Devyatova, K. P.
2017A new approach to produce calcium-phosphate coatings on titaniumGolovanova, О. А.; Zaits, А. V.; Kuimova, Marina Valerievna
2015New generation acoustic borehole depth guideShulgin, E. M.; Chiglinceva (Chiglintseva), Yulia Viktorovna
2017Patterns of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystallization in complex biological systemsGolovanova, О. А.; Korolkov, V. V.; Kuimova, Marina Valerievna