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Title: Modeling of the Future in the Programs of Political Parties
Authors: Sentsov, Arkady Eduardovich
Alexandrow (Alexandrov), Oleg Anatoljevich
Bolsunovskaya, Yuliya Aleksandrovna
Kuimova, Marina Valerievna
Keywords: political modeling; model of the political future; programs of political parties; concept of the future; политическое моделирование; политическое будущее; политические партии; концепции развития
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Modeling of the Future in the Programs of Political Parties [Electronic resource] / A. E. Sentsov [et al.] // Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences . — 2015 . — Vol. 166 : Proceedings of The International Conference on Research Paradigms Transformation in Social Sciences 2014 (RPTSS-2014), 16–18 October 2014, Tomsk, Russia . — [P. 536-540] .
Abstract: The paper addresses the problem of modeling and planning of the future. It presents the problems of developing a model of the future due to the ideologies and strategies of some ruling political parties. The authors deal with the means of expression of the model of the future as one of the most important elements of the lingvo-mental image of political world in the context of program documents of the parties. The authors examine a program of a party as a part of political communication system and characterize the model of the future. On the basis of comparative study the authors determine common and specific features of the model of the future expression. A comparative study of the model of the future expression on the material of ruling parties of Russia and a variety of foreign countries (the United States, Great Britain, France, and Italy) is extremely relevant in the current period of global economic crisis. Such a research provides the basis for the optimal model of the future determination that can become a universal one for the electorate of different countries. Thus, the authors reveal the most advanced model of the future representation.
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