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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Developing economic and managerial competencies of bachelors in mechanical engineeringLizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Minin, Michail; Malushko, Elena; Medvedev, Valentin
2017Economical and Managerial Competencies of Bachelors in Mechanical EngineeringLizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Marchuk, Veronika Ivanovna; Malushko, Elena Yurievna; Maletina, Oksana Andreevna; Zavyalova, Anastasia Vyacheslavovna
2017Forming system of strategic innovation management at high-tech engineering enterprisesErgunova, О. Т.; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Malushko, E. Yu.; Marchuk, Veronika Ivanovna; Ignatenko, A. Yu.
2015Identification of Criteria, Features and Levels of Economic and Managerial Competencies Development for Bachelors in Mechanical EngineeringLizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Marchuk, Veronika Ivanovna; Podzorova, Elena Anatolievna
2017Innovative Forms of Partnership in Development and Implementation of University-Business CooperationSuzdalova, Marina Anatolievna; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Malushko, Elena; Sytina, Nadezhda; Medvedev, Valentin
2017Insurers and Insured Individuals Interaction as Basis for Persistent Agricultural Production ProcessMoiseev, Alexandr; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Kindaev, Alexandr
2017New Methods of Three-Dimensional Images Recognition Based on Stochastic Geometry and Functional AnalysisFedotov, N. G.; Moiseev, A. V.; Syemov, A. A.; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Kindaev, A. Y.
2017Phenomenon of Migration and Its Manifestations in the Modern WorldDavis, Niki; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Ergunova, Olga; Malushko, Elena
2015Professional Training of Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Based on Networking ResourcesLoshchilova, Marina Andreevna; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Zavyalova, Anastasia
2017Use of Ion Exchange Filters in Wastewater TreatmentErgunova, Olga; Ferreira, Ronel; Ignatenko, Alisa; Lizunkov, Vladislav Gennadyevich; Malushko, Elena