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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advanced ultrasonic testing of complex shaped composite structuresDolmatov, Dmitry Olegovich; Zhvyrblya, Vadim Yurievich; Filippov, German Alekseevich; Salchak, Yana Alekseevna; Sedanova, E.
2016The Classification of Weld Seam Defects for Quantitative Analysis by means of Ultrasonic TestingSalchak, Yana Alekseevna; Tverdokhlebova, T.; Sharavina, Svatlana Viktorovna; Lider, Andrey Markovich
2016Digitally focused array ultrasonic testing technique for carbon fiber composite structuresSalchak, Yana Alekseevna; Zhvyrblya, Vadim Yurievich; Sednev, Dmitry Andreevich; Lider, Andrey Markovich
2017Frequency-domain imaging algorithm for ultrasonic testing by application of matrix phased arraysDolmatov, Dmitry Olegovich; Salchak, Yana Alekseevna; Pinchuk, Roman
2015Method of case hardening depth testing by using multifunctional ultrasonic testing instrumentSalchak, Yana Alekseevna; Sednev, Dmitry Andreevich; Kroening, M.; Ardashkin, Igor Borisovich
2016Non-contact calibration technique of ultrasound tomography system for complex shaped objectsFilippov, German Alekseevich; Zhvyrblya, Vadim Yurievich; Sharavina, Svatlana Viktorovna; Salchak, Yana Alekseevna
2016Principles of construction of ultrasonic tomographs for solution of problems of nondestructive testing in mechanical engineeringBolotina, Irina Olegovna; Bulavinov, A.; Pinchuk, R.; Salchak, Yana Alekseevna
2018Smart manufacturing of complex shaped pipe componentsSalchak, Yana Alekseevna; Kotelnikov, A. A.; Sednev, Dmitry Andreevich; Borikov, Valery Nikolaevich
2016Ultrasonic tomography of complex shaped carbon fiber compositesZhvyrblya, Vadim Yurievich; Filippov, German Alekseevich; Sedanova, Elizaveta; Salchak, Yana Alekseevna