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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Algorithms of fault-tolerant control of switched-reluctance driveRozayev, Ivan Andreevich; Odnokopylov, Georgy Ivanovich; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016Assessment of students' outcomes in the foreign languageSavvina, E. G.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016Associated petroleum gas treatmentMalyanova, M. S.
2016Case study of the "titanium valley" power supplyIvanov, D. A.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016The definition of activation energy of anthracite combustionOsipov, V. I.; Larionov, Kirill Borisovich; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2015The Development of Computer-Aided Design for Electrical Equipment Selection and Arrangement of 10 Kv SwitchgearChernaya, Anastassiya; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2015The Development of the Graphite Barrel of the Coaxial Magnetoplasma AcceleratorShatrova, Ksenia; Pak, Aleksandr Yakovlevich; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2014Digital Relays vs. Analogue OnesKornelyuk, I. A.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2015Economical operation of gas turbine topping at thermal power plantZaugol’nikova, Ya. A.; Romashova, Olga Yurievich; Skrebatun, Y. A.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna; Vagner, Marina Anatolievna
2016Education as a part of social lifeVassilyev, V. V.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016Electric discharge technologiesMakarov, A. S.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna; Yushkov, Yuri Georgievich
2016Idiomatic expressions as a part of learners' language developmentKinshin, A. I.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2017Improving the method of solar radiation durability determination of cable productsRybakov, Vladimir; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016Mind mappingSkrebatun, Y. A.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016Modern methods of languagelearningAndreev, N. S.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2016The most demanded specialties in South AfricaSokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna; Perkov, E. D.
2016Motivation for studying foreign languageShupletsova, E. V.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna
2015"Paperless" Foreign Languages TeachingShishkovskaya, Yuliya Vladimirovna; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna; Chernaya, Anastasiya
2015Professionally-Oriented Communicative Language Teaching Approach by the Design of a Computer Assisted ESP Course: Analysis of ResultsSokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna; Golovacheva, Ekaterina; Chernaya, Anastassiya
2019The relation between the inductive capacity of an oxide surface structure of hard alloys and their wear resistanceNesterenko, Vladimir Petrovich; Kondratyuk, Alexey Alekseevich; Arefyev, Konstantin Petrovich; Chazov, Pavel Andreevich; Kononova, A. A.; Sokolova, Elvira Yakovlevna