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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assignment of Appropriate Conditions for Synthesizing Tungsten Nanopowder by Electric Explosion of ConductorsZhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Pustovalov, Aleksey Vitalievich; Kuznetsov, Maksim Aleksandrovich; Rosliy, I. S.; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich
2015Corrosion and Mechanical Properties of Austenic Steel Weld JointsKuznetsov, Maksim Aleksandrovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Danilov, Vladimir Ivanovich; Kolmogorov, Dmitry Evgenievich; Zoubenko, L. N.
2016Influence of Filler Metals in Welding Wires on the Phase and Chemical Composition of Weld MetalKozyrev, N. A.; Osetkovskiy, I. V.; Kozyreva, O. A.; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Karthev, Dmitry Sergeevich
2015Influence of Protective Gas Content on Quality of Welded Joint While Welding With Impulse Supply of Electrode WirePavlov, Nikolay Viktorovich; Kryukov, Artem Viktorovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Gritsenko, V. V.
2016Influence of the Introduction of Carbon-Fluorine Additive to the Slag of the Production of Silicomanganese on the Weld Joint QualityKozyrev, N. А.; Krukov, R. Е.; Kozyreva, О. Е.; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Karthev, Dmitry Sergeevich
2016Mathematical Model of Motion of Modifying Powder Particles in the Shielding (Carrier) GasKuznetsov, Maksim Aleksandrovich; Kryukov, Artem Viktorovich; Krampit, Andrey Garoldovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Sadykov, I. D.
2020Method for predicting the composition of the protective coating in MMAIlyashchenko, Dmitry Pavlovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Sapozhkov, Sergey Borisovich; Loskutov, Leonid Gennadjevich
2016Microconstituents of the Modified Surface Layer of Austenitic Steel With Nanofibres of Aluminium OxyhydroxideKuznetsov, Maksim Aleksandrovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Danilov, Vladimir Ivanovich; Zhuravkov, Sergey Petrovich; Dementyev, S. V.
2016Microstructure of Modified Layer Produced Using Aluminum Oxy-Hydroxide Nanostructured PowdersKuznetsov, Maksim Aleksandrovich; Shlyakhova, G. V.; Danilov, Vladimir Ivanovich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Dementyev, S. V.
2016Use of Refractory Nanoparticles as a Component of Welding Materials in Welding and Surfacing With Coated Electrodes and Flux Cored WiresKarthev, Dmitry Sergeevich; Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich