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Title: Influence of Filler Metals in Welding Wires on the Phase and Chemical Composition of Weld Metal
Authors: Kozyrev, N. A.
Osetkovskiy, I. V.
Kozyreva, O. A.
Zernin, Evgeny Aleksandrovich
Karthev, Dmitry Sergeevich
Keywords: припои; сварочные проволоки; фазовый состав; химический состав; наплавленные металлы; присадочные материалы; горно-шахтное оборудование; сварные швы
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Influence of Filler Metals in Welding Wires on the Phase and Chemical Composition of Weld Metal / N. A. Kozyrev [et al.] // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. — 2016. — Vol. 125 : Materials Treatment: Current Problems and Solutions : All-Russia Scientific and Practical Conference, 26–28 November 2015, Yurga, Russia : [proceedings]. — [012027, 7 p.].
Abstract: The influence of filler metals used in welding wires on the phase and chemical composition of the metal, which is surfaced to mining equipment exposed to abrasive wear, has been investigated. Under a laboratory environment, samples of Mo-V-B and Cr-Mn-Mo-V wires were made. The performed experiments have revealed that fillers of the Cr-Mn-Mo-V system used in powder wire show better wear resistance of the weld metal than that of the Mn-Mo-V-B system; the absence of boron, which promotes grain refinement in the Mn-Mo-V-B system, significantly reduces wear resistance; the Mn-Mo-V-B weld metal has a finer structure than the Cr-Mn-Mo-V weld metal.
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