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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Study on Thermal Expansion of Ceramic Composites with Addition of ZrW[2]O]8]Dedova, Elena Sergeevna; Shadrin, V. S.; Petrushina, M. Y.; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Microstructure, mechanical properties and machining performance of hot-pressed Al[2]O[3]-ZrO[2]-TiC compositesGrigoriev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Kotelnikov, N.; Buyakova, Svetlana Petrovna; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Structures and properties of alumina-based ceramic for reconstructive oncologyGrigoriev, Mikhail Vladimirovich; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Damage formation, fatigue behavior and strength properties of ZrO[2]-based ceramicsKozulin, A. A.; Narikovich, A. S.; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich; Leitsin, V. N.; Kulkov, S. S.
2016Zirconia-based sintered ceramics for biomedical applicationsKulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich; Buyakova, Svetlana Petrovna
2016Structure and properties of porous ceramics obtained from aluminum hydroxideLevkov, R.; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Simulation of fracture of the bone implant with the porous structureKorobenkov, M. V.; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Porous composite materials ZrO[2](MgO)-MgO for osteoimplantologyBuyakov, Ales; Litvinova, Larisa; Shupletsova, Valeria; Kulbakin, Denis; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Effects of transient thermal shock loadings on the structure of zirconia ceramicsDerkach, E. A.; Buyakova, Svetlana Petrovna; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich
2016Producing composite materials based on ZrB[2], ZrB[2]-SiCMirovoi, Yu. A.; Burlachenko, A. G.; Buyakova, Svetlana Petrovna; Sevostiyanova, I. N.; Kulkov, Sergey Nikolaevich