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Title: Investments in oil field development by the example of Tomsk oblast
Authors: Shmidt, Ye. I.
Ilina, Galina Fedorovna
Matveenko, Irina Alekseevna
Keywords: инвестиции; разработки; месторождения; Томская область; геологическое строение; пласты; углеводороды
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Shmidt Ye. I. Investments in oil field development by the example of Tomsk oblast / Ye. I. Shmidt, G. F. Ilina, I. A. Matveenko // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. — 2015. — Vol. 27 : Problems of Geology and Subsurface Development : XIX International Scientific Symposium in honor of Academician M. A. Usov, 6–10 April 2015, Tomsk, Russia. — [012017, 5 p.].
Abstract: The article describes the geologic structure of the formation located not far from Strezhevoy Tomsk Oblast. The formation has been poorly studied by seismic methods. The reserves categories С[1] and С[2] as well as hydrocarbon potential are presented. 4 exploratory and 39 production wells are designed to be drilled depending on geologic knowledge and formation conditions. The article deals with the investment plan including development, oil export expenditures and implementing cost calculation.
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