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Title: Исследование диффузии водорода в титане ВТ-01 вихревыми токами
Other Titles: Study of hydrogen diffusion in titanium BT-01 eddy currents
Authors: Чжу Ибо
Сюй Шупэн
Ларионов, Виталий Васильевич
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Ларионов, Виталий Васильевич
Keywords: диффузия; водород; гидридообразующие сплавы; электросопротивление; наводороживание
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Изд-во ТПУ
Citation: Чжу Ибо. Исследование диффузии водорода в титане ВТ-01 вихревыми токами / Чжу Ибо, Сюй Шупэн, В. В. Ларионов ; науч. рук. В. В. Ларионов // Перспективы развития фундаментальных наук : сборник научных трудов XIII Международной конференции студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых, г. Томск, 26-29 апреля 2016 г. : в 7 т. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2016. — Т. 1 : Физика. — [С. 313-315].
Abstract: A common method for determining the hydrogen diffusion coefficient D is a research of the kinetics ofpenetration it through metallic membrane. However, in some cases, this method cannot be investigated carbideforming materials relates to titanium. In addition, measurements are limited by temperature interval. Othermethods (NMR, quasi-elastic neutron scattering effects, Mossbauer and Gorsy) are complex instruments. Themeasurement results are essentially dependent on the concentration gradient of hydrogen implanted, thehydrogenation process and the form of the test samples. In this paper, we propose a method of eddy currentmeasurement of diffusion coefficients using classical Fick equation. The sample of titanium hydrogenation at 6000C and a pressure of 0.66 atm. The diffusion of hydrogen flow in the initial part of the sample analyzed by movingsensor along the length of the sample. The measurement process carried out periodically every 60 minutes. Themeasured values of the eddy current (active and reactive components) are presented in matrix form as values A11,A12 ... Akn at a certain frequency f. To increase the accuracy of measurements as a matrix element used the tgδ.This value depends on the eddy current frequency f, material electric conductivity σ. In turn, the electricalconductivity σ, the thickness of the sample η, and frequency f connected by the relationη฀ =฀ (πfμμ฀σ฀ )−1 / 2 . By treating each such matrix, obtain the values of the diffusioncoefficient Dxy in every layer of the sample. These values may change over time, the penetration of hydrogenupon slice from layer to layer. The measured values of the diffusion coefficients are D = 2.10-9cm2/s.
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