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Title: The Distribution of Particles in the Wall Region of the Cyclone Chamber
Authors: Razva, Aleksandr Sergeevich
Vasilevsky, Mikhail Viktorovich
Pleshco, Alice
Naumkin, Aleksandr
Keywords: распределение; циклоны; потоки частиц
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: [s. n.]
Citation: The Distribution of Particles in the Wall Region of the Cyclone Chamber / A. S. Razva [et al.] // MATEC Web of Conferences. — 2016. — Vol. 72 : Heat and Mass Transfer in the System of Thermal Modes of Energy – Technical and Technological Equipment (HMTTSC-2016) : April 19-21, 2016, Tomsk, Russia : [proceedings]. — [01094, 5 p.].
Abstract: Held cyclone operation analysis at different flow rates. In the absence of dust deposits on the surface of the device in countercurrent conical cyclone particle concentration distribution in the circumferential direction in the wall region is uneven rope-formed particles to form clots. At low concentrations where clots stably transported stream at any position of the cyclone can be made based on evaluation of the speed distribution of gas and particles in the bunches movement. In work the analysis of work of a cyclone is carried out at various speeds of a stream.
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