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Title: The Problem of Linguistic Analysis of Musical Metaphors at Lessons of Russian as a Foreign Language
Authors: Mishankina, Nataliya Aleksandrovna
Zhelezhyakova, Anna Nikolaevna
Keywords: русский язык для иностранцев; метафорические модели; культура; музыка; дискурс; лингвистика; опера
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Mishankina N. A. The Problem of Linguistic Analysis of Musical Metaphors at Lessons of Russian as a Foreign Language / N. A. Mishankina, A. N. Zhelezhyakova // Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. — 2015. — Vol. 215 : International Education and Cross-Cultural Communication, Problems and Solutions, (IECC 2015) : International Conference, 9-11 June 2015, Tomsk, Russia : [proceedings]. — [P. 316-321].
Abstract: The main object of practical training in Russian as a foreign language at an advanced stage is to teach students to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, for a more complete understanding of various texts. Along with this, an important problem is the process of interpreting and systematizing of metaphors. In article within an anthropocentric paradigm, the mental bases of human activity are considered. In particular, features of perception and interpretation of musical sounding of professional musicians in the critiques devoted to the description of music in operas. The purpose of research to explore the specificity of the sign marking musical images by music critics, and attempt to classify and describe them. The theory of a conceptual metaphor and metaphorical modeling acts as a methodology. The carried-out analysis allowed revealing three main models: Music - the world of artifacts (subjects), Music is the world of the person, Music is the world of the nature. The main objectives of authors of these articles to convey the meaning of operas, to make "an intersemiotics translation", i.e., to describe feelings from perception of music, by resources of a natural language.
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