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Title: Using of the Agglomeration-in-liquid for the Technology of the Fine Materials
Authors: Semakina, Olga Konstantinovna
Babenko, S. A.
Vakhrameeva, N. V.
Keywords: агломерация; жидкости; сапропели; полимеры; гранулы; agglomeration-in-liquid; sapropel; polymer particle; granule
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Semakina, Olga Konstantinovna. Using of the Agglomeration-in-liquid for the Technology of the Fine Materials [Electronic resource] / O. K. Semakina, S. A. Babenko, N. V. Vakhrameeva // Procedia Chemistry . — 2014 . — Vol. 10 : Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in XXI century . — [P. 305-309] .
Abstract: The content of the fine and ultrafine particles in the raw material results in difficulty of the separation, the loss of the valuable components and ecological contamination. Secondary using of the fine particles is impossible without their granulation. This problem has been solved by the agglomeration-in-liquid method. An agglomeration-in-liquid method is a process to produce agglomerates in a liquid phase from solid particles suspended in the liquid. The surface of solid particles and the binding liquid must be of identical polarity, but the continuous phase must be of the opposite polarity. The water solutions of the surfactant are the binding liquids or the organic liquids.
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