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Title: Study of Shear Properties of Nanoparticle Suspensions
Authors: Damdinov, B. B.
Dembelova, T. S.
Badmaev, B. B.
Tsyrenzhapova, A. B.
Makarova, D. N.
Pestryakov, Aleksey Nikolaevich
Keywords: наночастицы; суспензии; этиленгликоль; акустические методы; резонансные методы; вязкоупругие свойства; концентрация; размеры; частицы; сдвиговая упругость; коллоидные суспензии; suspension; nanoparticles; concentration; particle size; shear elasticity
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Study of Shear Properties of Nanoparticle Suspensions [Electronic resource] / B. B. Damdinov [et al.] // Procedia Chemistry . — 2014 . — Vol. 10 : Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in XXI century . — [P. 2-6] .
Abstract: Low-frequency complex shear modulus of the colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles Nd:YAG in ethylene glycol was measured for the first time by using acoustic a resonance method with piezoquartz vibrator. Dependence of viscoelastic properties of the colloidal suspensions on nanoparticles sizes and their concentrations has been carried out.
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