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Title: Porous material for protection from electromagnetic radiation
Authors: Kazmina, Olga Viktorovna
Dushkina, Mariya Alekseevna
Suslyaev, Valentin
Semukhin, Boris
Keywords: пористые материалы; защита; электромагнитные излучения; кристаллические материалы; низкотемпературные технологии; теплоизоляция; пеностекло
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: Porous material for protection from electromagnetic radiation / O. V. Kazmina [et al.] // AIP Conference Proceedings. — 2014. — Vol. 1623 : International Conference on Physical Mesomechanics of Multilevel Systems 2014, Tomsk, Russia, 3–5 September 2014 : [proceedings]. — [P. 241-244].
Abstract: It is shown that the porous glass crystalline material obtained by a low temperature technology can be used not only for thermal insulation, but also for lining of rooms as protective screens decreasing harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation as well as to establish acoustic chambers and rooms with a low level of electromagnetic background. The material interacts with electromagnetic radiation by the most effective way in a high frequency field (above 100 GHz). At the frequency of 260 GHz the value of the transmission coefficient decreases approximately in a factor times in comparison with foam glass.
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