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Title: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Elderly People (Sociological Survey Data)
Authors: Ivankina, Lyubov Ivanovna
Trubchenko, Tatiana Grigorievna
Krukovac, E. M.
Shaidullina, A. R.
Shaftelskaya, N. V.
Chernyak, V. K.
Keywords: information and communication technologies (ICT); elderly people; quality of life of elderly people; active ageing (long living); the use of electronic gadgets by elderly people; preferences of the use of IT technologies by elderly people; информационные технологии; коммуникационные технологии; пожилые люди; качество жизни; старение; гаджеты; ИТ-технологии
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Future Academy
Citation: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Elderly People (Sociological Survey Data) / L. I. Ivankina [et al.] // The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS). — 2017. — Vol. 19 : Lifelong Wellbeing in the World (WELLSO 2016) : III International Scientific Symposium, 11-16 September 2016, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [P. 235-242].
Abstract: The article considers how elderly people use different types of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and studies their readiness to use ICT in everyday life, based on the data obtained in a sociological survey. We made a hypothesis that age has an effect on older people’s attitudes towards ICT. In this article ICT will include the Internet, mobile devices and on-line banking. We discovered the types of ICT which will be used by older people in their everyday lives. We stipulated four areas of the use of ICT in older people’s lives such as financial, administrative, accessible and entertainment. During our research we concluded that respondents aged 55 to 64 are more active in using IT and demonstrate their interest in different spheres of everyday life. We also concluded that there were no differences in the results between genders. Overall, the sociological survey has indicated that more than 42% of respondents have the skills to use modern Information Technologies. It has been noted that over the past years the government has been encouraging older people to use ICT in their lives. The government in the Tomsk region is also working to achieve this.
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