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Title: Healthcare Efficiency as a Wellbeing Factor in the Siberian Federal District
Authors: Kudelina, Olga
Eremina (Eriomina), Sofia Leonidovna
Kudelin, Nikita
Keywords: efficiency; healthcare; Minmax method; wellbeing; эффективность; здравоохранение; благополучие; Сибирский федеральный округ
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Future Academy
Citation: Kudelina O. Healthcare Efficiency as a Wellbeing Factor in the Siberian Federal District / O. Kudelina, S. L. Eremina (Eriomina), N. Kudelin // The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS). — 2017. — Vol. 19 : Lifelong Wellbeing in the World (WELLSO 2016) : III International Scientific Symposium, 11-16 September 2016, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [P. 383-395].
Abstract: An assessment of the efficiency of healthcare systems in territorial entities of the Russian Federation’s Siberian Federal District was carried out using Minmax method on the basis of data presented in Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System. Four groups of components were assessed (presence, usage, availability of resources and medical efficiency), while being decomposed into 14 indicators. The study of selected components and indicators dynamics through 2005-2013 allowed revealing its multidirectional influence on the efficiency of healthcare systems in the Siberian Federal District territorial entities. Low or average level of efficiency was revealed in 9 out of 13 territorial entities, usually determined by the insufficient level of usage or availability of resources. Possible ways of improving the district's healthcare system efficiency were defined. It is proved that the efficiency of The Siberian Federal District healthcare systems is an essential factor in ensuring the wellbeing of the population who live in district which is distinct in uncongenial climatic-ecological conditions affecting health.
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