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Title: Sand-blasting treatment as a way to improve the adhesion strength of hydroxyapatite coating on titanium implant
Authors: Grubova, Irina Yurievna
Pryamushko, Tatiana Sergeevna
Surmeneva, Maria Alexandrovna
Korneva, Olga Sergeevna
Epple, M.
Prymak, O.
Surmenev, Roman Anatolievich
Keywords: пескоструйная обработка; адгезионная прочность; покрытия; титановые имплантаты; пластическая деформация; упрочненные поверхности; износостойкость; титан; порошки; корунд
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Sand-blasting treatment as a way to improve the adhesion strength of hydroxyapatite coating on titanium implant / I. Yu. Grubova [et al.] // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2017. — Vol. 830 : Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects 2016 : 5th International Congress, 2–7 October 2016, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [materials]. — [012109, 7 p.].
Abstract: In the current study, the effect of corundum particle sizes (50 and 250–320 [mu]m) used for sand–blasting on the structure, roughness, wettability, mechanical properties, and adhesion of radio frequency magnetron hydroxyapatite coating deposited on treated titanium substrate is studied. Morphology analysis revealed that pretreatment uniformly deforms the surface and induces the formation of pits, which size depends linearly on the grit size. The deposited coatings (Ca/P was in a range of 1.75-1.79) are homogeneous and repeat the relief of the substrate (mean roughness Ra is 1.9±0.1 (250–320 [mu]m) and 0.8±0.1 [mu]m (50 [mu]m)). Texture coefficient calculations revealed the predominant (002) growth texture of hydroxyapatite coatings. The resistance of the coating to plastic deformation and the surface hardening were significantly higher for coatings formed on sand blasted with particle size of 50 [mu]m. Scratch test have shown the significant improvement of wear resistance and lower friction coefficient of coatings for smoother samples. Dynamic contact angle measurements revealed the hydrophilic properties of the hydroxyapatite coating. Thus, sand–blasting of titanium with corundum powder having the size of 50 [mu]m prior to the deposition of RF magnetron coating is recommended for the medical applications intended to improve the bonding between the substrate and coating.
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