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Title: Optimization of Energy Consumption in The Residential Sector, Using Automated Control Systems
Authors: Zhdanova, Anna Borisovna
Rakhimov, Timur Rustamovich
Bannova, Kristina Alekseevna
Khudyakova, G. S.
Krivoshein, Y. O.
Keywords: energy management; energy consumption; energy efficiency; energy costs; энергопотребление; энергоэффективность; энергозатраты; жилой фонд; автоматизированный контроль
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Future Academy
Citation: Optimization of Energy Consumption in The Residential Sector, Using Automated Control Systems / A. B. Zhdanova [et al.] // The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS). — 2017. — Vol. 26 : Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI 2016) : International Conference, 07-10 November 2016, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [P. 611-619].
Abstract: With limited energy resources for sustainable and balanced national development it is becoming more and more important to solve tasks of optimization of energy consumption. This optimization is important not only for major Russian companies (which provide major share of tax inflows for the state budget), but also for homes in order toreduce the energy consumption. This article discusses a complex approach in the field monitoring and energy management of apartment buildings as part of the energy management program using an automated thermal and electrical energy management system developed by NGO VEST in Tomsk. It is shown that the power monitoring data allow to make economically effective decisions in reducing energy consumption costs in residential buildings. The creation of the Analytical Center and the use of an automated energy management system give the opportunity to reduce costs of heat consumption in apartment buildings and, as a consequence, increase the efficiency of use of budgetary funds, used for subsidizing the northern regions of Russia.
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