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Title: Development and Study of {99m}Tc-1-Thio-D-glucose for Visualization of Malignant Tumors
Authors: Zeltchan, R. V.
Medvedeva, Anna Aleksndrovna
Sinilkin, Ivan Gennadjevich
Bragina, Olga Dmitrievna
Chernov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Stasyuk, Elena Sergeyevna
Rogov, Alexander Sergeyevich
Ilina, Elena Sergeevna
Skuridin, Viktor Sergeyevich
Keywords: визуализация; злокачественные опухоли; радиофармацевтические препараты; физико-химические свойства; рак
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: Development and Study of {99m}Tc-1-Thio-D-glucose for Visualization of Malignant Tumors / R. V. Zeltchan [et al.] // AIP Conference Proceedings. — 2017. — Vol. 1882 : Physics of Cancer: Interdisciplinary Problems and Clinical Applications (PC IPCA’17) : Proceedings of the International conference, 23–26 May 2017, Tomsk, Russia. — [020083, 6 p.].
Abstract: The preclinical studies of {99m}Tc-1-Thio-D-glucose, a new tumor-seeking agent based on technetium-99mlabeled glucose derivative, were conducted, and the feasibility of using this radiopharmaceutical for tumor visualization was studied. The preclinical studies were carried out strictly in accordance with the local legislation and were regulated by the generally accepted research standards. {99m}Tc-1-Thio-D-glucose was found to have optimal pharmacokinetic and physico-chemical properties for diagnostic imaging and was proved to belong to the low-toxic substances. The potential utility of {99m}Tc-1-thio-D-glucose for tumor imaging was studied in vitro and in vivo models. The present study demonstrated that {99m}Tc-1-Thio-D-glucose is a prospective radiopharmaceutical for cancer visualization.
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