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Title: The Learning Environment As Service To Support Educational Programme
Authors: Shamina, Olga Borisovna
Starodubtsev, Viacheslav Alekseevich
Bulanova, Tatyana Valentinovna
Keywords: learning environment; personal development education; Network communication; MOOCs; развитие; образовательные программы; личность; учебная среда; информационно-образовательная среда; электронное обучение
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Future Academy
Citation: Shamina O. B. The Learning Environment As Service To Support Educational Programme / O. B. Shamina, V. A. Starodubtsev, T. V. Bulanova // The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS). — 2018. — Vol. 38 : Lifelong Wellbeing in the World (WELLSO 2017) : IV International Scientific Symposium, 11-15 September 2017, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [P. 418-425].
Abstract: To leading universities, with their human resources potential it is necessary to develop nextgeneration Learning Management System that provides special items of the comfortable education environment for students and teachers. The task to find the ways for realize statements CDIO is most important when to create comfortable Information & learning Environment, that is based on the principles of conversation and interaction between student and teacher. The knowledge, learning content and the net interpersonal communication are e-learning facilities for formal and informal interaction between members of educational process. Such system has to be based on the experience of communication in social media. On the other hand, the competence approach presupposes to use up-to-date pedagogical methods that are of great meaningful for personal development education. The new educational conditions are context where competences are developing. Information & Learning Environment for students and teachers were designed in accordance with the theory and the practice of social network connectivity. The model has allowed it possible to compile information flows dynamic database of teaching materials and the educational documentation. System provides not only consulting interaction the teacher - the student - Institute's methodical but also implements serious pedagogical tasks. Such approach allows organizing virtual education overview mode of laboratories, offers an opportunity works in virtual space, setting thus conditions for modeling of situations. The synergy of mobile and remote training contains huge potential of development of educational services.
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