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Title: Анализ содержания CD117+ клеток в строме ИКНТ молочной железы, связь с метастазированием
Other Titles: Analysis of CD117+ cells in invasive BREAT cancer of not special type, association with metastases
Authors: Алифанов, В. В.
Ляпунова, Л. С.
Таширева, Л. А.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Завьялова, М. В.
Keywords: анализ; содержание; клетки; молочные железы; злокачественные новообразования; воспалительные процессы
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Издательский Дом Томского государственного университета
Citation: Алифанов В. В. Анализ содержания CD117+ клеток в строме ИКНТ молочной железы, связь с метастазированием / В. В. Алифанов, Л. С. Ляпунова, Л. А. Таширева ; науч. рук. М. В. Завьялова // Перспективы развития фундаментальных наук : сборник научных трудов XV Международной конференции студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых, г. Томск, 24-27 апреля 2018 г. : в 7 т. — Томск : Издательский Дом Томского государственного университета, 2018. — Т. 4 : Биология и фундаментальная медицина. — [С. 9-11].
Abstract: In the present study we performed analysis of CD117-positive cells microenvironment of invasive breast cancer of not special type and association with metastases. Hematogenous metastases are the main cause of death of patients with breast cancer. One of the main factors in the formation of metastases is the presence, nature and severity of inflammation. Innate lymphoid cells are involved in the homeostasis of a variety of tissues, and are also a link between innate and adaptive immunity.Expression of CD117 in the cells of the inflammatory infiltrate was assessed semi-quantitatively (0 points - absence, 1 point - 1-5 cells, 2 points - 6-20 cells, 3 points - more than 20 cells) near each variant of the parenchymatous component of the tumor (tubular, alveolar, trabecular and discrete groups of tumor cells) no further than 2 small lymphocyte diameters.. Beyond any tumor structures, the number of CD117-expressing cells (1,55 ± 0,87) significantly exceeded the amount in the tumor microenvironment (p<0,05). The significantly higher number of CD117 + cells in the microenvironment of solid structures is found in patients with hematogenous metastases compared with patients without it (1,33 ± 0,57 and 1,00 ± 0,21, respectively, p <0,05). In addition, significantly higher number of CD117 + cells are found outside of any tumor structures in the group of patients with hematogenous metastases (2,50 ± 0,37 and 1,40 ± 0,70, respectively, p <0,05). The development of hematogenous metastases in patients with IC NST is associated with a higher number of CD117 + cells near the solid structures of the parenchymatous component, as well as outside any tumor structures.
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