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Title: Пилотное исследование острой токсичности ингибитора TDP1
Other Titles: Pilot study of acute toxicity of TDP1 inhibitor
Authors: Казакова, Е. О.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Быков, В. В.
Keywords: токсичность; злокачественные новообразования; диагностика; профилактика; инновационные технологии
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Издательский Дом Томского государственного университета
Citation: Казакова Е. О. Пилотное исследование острой токсичности ингибитора TDP1 / Е. О. Казакова ; науч. конс. А. А. Бакибаев, В. В. Быков // Перспективы развития фундаментальных наук : сборник научных трудов XV Международной конференции студентов, аспирантов и молодых ученых, г. Томск, 24-27 апреля 2018 г. : в 7 т. — Томск : Издательский Дом Томского государственного университета, 2018. — Т. 4 : Биология и фундаментальная медицина. — [С. 63-65].
Abstract: To date, malignant neoplasms are the most pressing medical and social problem both in our country and abroad, despite the introduction of innovative technologies in diagnostics, therapy, and prophylactics. Lung cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm worldwide. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the incidence of lung cancer has increased, and its growth is especially pronounced in industrially developed countries, where it ranks first in the structure of cancer morbidity. In Russia, over the last ten years, the incidence of lung cancer has decreased, but yet more than 1000000 new cases are diagnosed annually, and lung cancer by remains in first place among all malignant neoplasms among men. Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 (Tdp1) that result in stalled Top1 are commonly employed against cancer. Nowadays, major methods are used for the treatment of patients with lung cancer: surgery, radiation, chemoradiation, drugs, and combined methods. Combination chemotherapy with DNA repair inhibitors can potentially improve response to these widely used chemotherapeutics.
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