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Title: Визуализация биологической ткани с помощью измерения импеданса
Other Titles: Visualization of biological tissue for measuring impedance
Authors: Королюк, Е. С.
Keywords: impedance; electrical impedance tomography; EIT; impedance imaging; cold therapy; cryomedicine; cryotherapy; импеданс; томография; терапия; холод; визуализация; биологические ткани
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Изд-во ТПУ
Citation: Королюк Е. С. Визуализация биологической ткани с помощью измерения импеданса / Е. С. Королюк // Информационные технологии в науке, управлении, социальной сфере и медицине : сборник научных трудов V Международной научной конференции, 17-21 декабря 2018 г., Томск : в 2 ч. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2018. — Ч. 2. — [С. 154-157].
Abstract: One of the main problems in cryomedicine, is the difficulty to determine the depth in cryotherapy application. The individual characteristics of the tissue, different cooling rate and high temperature gradients during freezing, causing difficulty to determining accurate assessment of freeze depth. One of the most accurate methods for determining the degree of tissue cryodamage and cryonecrosis is to measure the active component of the tissue impedance. The cryosurgery is a perspective method of treatment, and use of additional visualization resources will allow to expand possibilities of the medical cryosurgical equipment and to increase quality of the performed cryosurgeries.
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