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Title: Study of the technological process parameters basis on a mathematical model
Authors: Plotnikova, Inna Vasilievna
Redko, Lyudmila Anatolevna
Chicherina, Natality Viktorovna
Efremova, Oksana Nikolaevna
Serebryakov, S. G.
Keywords: технологические процессы; математические модели; параметры; эффективность; производство; качество; брак
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Study of the technological process parameters basis on a mathematical model / I. V. Plotnikova [et al.] // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. — Bristol : IOP Publishing, 2019. — Vol. 457 : Modern Technologies for Non-Destructive Testing : VII International Conference, 8–13 October 2018, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [012021, 5 p.].
Abstract: The results of modeling of parameters of technological process are presented in this article. By means of data processing of an experiment the mathematical expressions connecting values of input and output parameters of process are received. On the basis of the regression analysis the system from three equations has been calculated. The check of the constructed model on suitability of application is executed. The received results will allow operating the process parameters so that to minimize the amount of discrepancies in the studied parameter that will lead to increase in production efficiency, decrease in level of marriage, decrease in grade of production, reduction of number of the controlling operations.
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