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Title: Неустойчивое развитие как фактор "озеленения" экономики
Other Titles: Unstable development as a factor of "greening" of the economy
Authors: Барышева, Галина Анзельмовна
Егорова, Мария Сергеевна
Keywords: электронные ресурсы; unstable economic development; "green" economy; sustainable economic development; growing crises; environmental; social problems; экономическое развитие; неустойчивое развитие; зеленая экономика; кризисы; экологические проблемы; социальные проблемы
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Барышева Г. А. Неустойчивое развитие как фактор "озеленения" экономики / Г. А. Барышева, М. С. Егорова // Информационные технологии в науке, управлении, социальной сфере и медицине : сборник научных трудов VI Международной конференции, 14-19 октября 2019 г., Томск. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2019. — [562-564].
Abstract: Unstable tendencies of the economic system developed all over the world are revealed. Negative consequences and characteristic features of functioning of modern economy are designated. The necessity of a new paradigm of development, which is able to ensure the welfare of society without excessive pressure on nature, is determined. "Green" economy as a practical vector of realization of the concept of sustainable development, according to the authors, could become such a paradigm of development. The specificity of the current stage of development of the "green" economy is specified, in connection with which the need for further study and adaptation of the results to improve the concept of sustainable development of the Russian Federation is revealed.
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