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Title: Functional Control Synthesis of Single-Phase Low Power Motor Drives
Authors: Dementiev, Yuriy Nikolaevich
Koyain, Nikolay Vadimovich
Meshkov, Aleksandr
Min Tu Aung
Suzdorf, Viktor Ivanovich
Umurzakova, Anara Daukenovna
Keywords: spectral characteristic; transfer function; quasi-stationary processes; electromagnetic processes; functional relationship; спектральные характеристики; квазистационарные явления; электромагнитные процессы; функциональные отношения
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Functional Control Synthesis of Single-Phase Low Power Motor Drives / Yu. N. Dementiev [et al.] // EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web. — 2019. — Vol. 19, iss. 21. — [e7, 7 p.].
Abstract: In the paper an electric drive system of series-wound universal motor powered by semiconductor converter is considered.The system characteristics and calculation procedure using spectral method of Solodovnikov and aligning procedure areshown. We derived and displayed expressions for two-dimensional non-stationary transfer functions and non-stationaryspectral characteristics of output variables of automated control system of single-phase series-wound universal motorpowered by semiconductor converter. We also show results of electromagnetic calculation of the electric drive system ofseries-wound universal motor powered by semiconductor converter for various firing angles ? of the converter, as welldependences of conduction angle ?t for varied values of rotational speed ? and load torque on the shaft of the motor
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