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Title: Modification of 40X13 steel at high-intensity nitrogen ion implantation
Authors: Ryabchikov, Aleksandr Ilyich
Sivin, Denis Olegovich
Korneva, Olga Sergeevna
Ananin, Petr Semenovich
Dektyarev, Sergey Valentinovich
Keywords: модификации; ионные пучки; сталь
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Modification of 40X13 steel at high-intensity nitrogen ion implantation / A. I. Ryabchikov [et al.] // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2018. — Vol. 1115 : 6th International Congress "Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects"14th International Conference on Modification of Materials with Particle Beams and Plasma Flows (14th CMM) : [proceedings], 16-22 September 2018, Tomsk, Russian Federation. — [032053, 7 p.].
Abstract: This paper presents the results of the formation of deep modified layers in 40X13 steel using a high-intensity repetitively pulsed nitrogen ion beam with a current density up to 0.25 A/cm2. An arc generator with a hot cathode provided the DC nitrogen plasma flow. A plasma immersion approach was used for high-frequency, short-pulse very intense nitrogen ion beam formation. A grid hemisphere with radii of 7.5 cm was immersed in the plasma. Negative bias pulses with an amplitude of 1.2 kV, a pulse duration of 4 µs, and a pulse repetition rate of 105 pulses per second were applied to the grid. The substrates were implanted at the temperature of 500 °C and various processing times ranging from 20 to 120 minutes with 1.2 keV nitrogen ions using a very-high current density up to 0.25 A/cm2 ion beams. The work explores the surface morphology, elemental composition, and mechanical properties of deep-layer modified 40X13 steel after low ion energy, very-high-intensity nitrogen ion beam implantation.
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