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Title: Composition Polymeric Membranes Based on the VDF-TeFE Copolymer Formed by Electrospinning
Authors: Tverdokhlebova, Tamara Sergeevna
Bolbasov, Evgeny Nikolaevich
Bouznik, V. M.
Keywords: композиции; полимерные мембраны; сополимеры; электроспиннинг; сканирующая электронная микроскопия; химический состав; адресная доставка; фармакологические препараты; заживление; раны
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: Tverdokhlebova T. S. Composition Polymeric Membranes Based on the VDF-TeFE Copolymer Formed by Electrospinning / T. S. Tverdokhlebova, E. N. Bolbasov, V. M. Bouznik // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. — Bristol : IOP Publishing, 2020. — Vol. 731 : Advanced Materials for Engineering and Medicine (AMEM-2019) : International science and technology conference for youth, 30 September-5 October 2019, Tomsk, Russian Federation : [proceedings]. — [012022, 6 p.].
Abstract: The paper presents the results of pilot studies on the formation of non-woven hydrophilic piezoelectric composite polymer membranes based on a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and tetrafluoroethylene (VDF-TeFE) and polyethenylpyrrolidine (PEP) by electrospinning. Using optical goniometry, the effect of the PEP content on the wetting of the membrane surface with water was established. Using scanning electron microscopy, the influence of the content PEP on the structure of the formed membranes was studied. The effect of an isotonic NaCl solution on the structure of the formed membranes upon their dissolution within 7 days was studied. Based on studies of the chemical composition of the membranes before and after their dissolution, an assumption was made about the possibility of using the developed membranes for targeted delivery of pharmacological preparations for wound healing.
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