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Title: Использование карточек для запоминания профессиональной терминологии в силовой электронике
Other Titles: Using cards for memorizing professional terminology in power electronics
Authors: Ляпунов, Данил Юрьевич
Слесаренко, Инга Валерьевна
Keywords: карточки; запоминание; профессиональная терминология; силовая электроника; курсы; профессиональный английский язык; бакалавриат
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Ляпунов Д. Ю. Использование карточек для запоминания профессиональной терминологии в силовой электронике / Д. Ю. Ляпунов, И. В. Слесаренко // Современные технологии, экономика и образование : сборник трудов Всероссийской научно-методической конференции, г. Томск, 27-29 декабря 2019 г. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2019. — [С. 124-127].
Abstract: The paper deals with an approach that allows to retain professional terminology in such a versatile branch of science and technology as Power Electronics. This topic is especially relevant for designing such courses as Professional English, Power Electronics for the students major in Electrical Engineering. We consider topic-related handbooks, textbooks and tutorials as the sources of the professional terms. According to the approach the phrases with the terms are written on small carton cards. On one side of a card a learner writes the expression in English while on the other side - in Russian. We accepted Russian as a mother tongue in this paper. Learning 20-30 essential phrases per day is proposed as sufficient. We use Ebbinghaus's forgetting curve to schedule the intervals of repeating the terminology during the day so as to provide their effective retaining. We also scale our approach to the weeks and months. To support our technique efficient methods to use the phrases are supplemented. It is emphasized that using the approach under development is necessary to build a solid knowledge ground for future career in the field of Power Electronics. Consequently, we presume that introducing the approach into courses for the Bachelor Degree Program 'Electrical Engineering' the fruitful outcomes of the extensive research on memory by Hermann Ebbinghaus.
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