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Title: Laws of nanosize molybdenum (VI) oxide layers optical properties change as a result of heat treatment
Authors: Borisova, N. V.
Surovoy, E. P.
Keywords: laws; optical properties; nanosize layers; molybdenum oxide; heat treatment; spectrophotometric methods; spectral areas; absorption; reflection; short-wave areas; long-wave areas; gravimetric methods; microscopic methods; atmospheric conditions; time; temperatures; thickness; reduction; nanometers; anion vacancies; one seized electron; valent zones; thermal transition
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Borisova N. V. Laws of nanosize molybdenum (VI) oxide layers optical properties change as a result of heat treatment / N. V. Borisova, E. P. Surovoy // Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University. — 2007. — Vol. 310, № 3. — [P. 61-65].
Abstract: The spectrophotometric method determines two absorption and reflection spectral areas of nanosize MoO3 layers - short-wave ?<330 nanometers and long-wave ?>330 nanometers. It is stated by spectrophotometric, gravimetric and microscopic methods that in atmospheric conditions MoO3 layers transformation degree (d=10...130 nm) grows at time (1...140 minutes) and heat treatment temperatures (Т=373...600 К) (at constant layer thickness) increasing as well as at reduction of layers thickness. The reduction of absorption maxima at ?=350 nm and increase at ?=870 nanometers at heat treatment of MoO3 layers is revealed. The colour centers formation model is offered. It includes the center formation - anionic vacancy with one seized electron ([(Vа) ++ е]) during preparation of MoO3 layer, thermal electron transition from a valent zone on a level of the center, the second electron capture by the center ([(е Vа) ++ е]).
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