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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016About Prospects of Enrichment of Mineral Raw Materials and Chemical Activation of Water Suspensions by Electroexplosive MethodBordunov, S. V.; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2016Computer Spatially Oriented Reconstruction of A 3D Heart Shape Based on Its Tomographic ImagingNatalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Avdeeva, Diana Konstantinovna; Kazakov, Veniamin Yurevich; Baranov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Ivashkov, Denis Viktorovich
2017Control System of Parameters of the Azimuthal ModulePlotnikova, Inna Vasilievna; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Tchaikovskaya, O. N.; Tchekarova, S. A.
2017The control system of synchronous movement of the gantry crane supportsOdnokopylov, Ivan Georgievich; Gneushev, Vitaly Viktorovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Natalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Li, J.; Serebryakov, D. I.
2017The electric drive control system of corner reflectors of the spacecraft interferometerLangraf, Sergey Vladimirovich; Bunkov, Dmitriy; Odnokopylov, Ivan Georgievich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2022Elegant software for investigation of electron transport systemsWinter, Victor Leopold Thilo; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2016Energy Characteristics of Electric Drive of Oscillatory Motion at the Shock-Free StartPayuk, Lyubov Anatoljevna; Voronina, Nataljya Alekseevna; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2020Evaluation of the potential accuracy of the pulsed radio signals source coordinate determination by the positioning system using a single UAV-sensorBaldytchev, M. T.; Laptev, Igor Viktorovich; Chebotar, I. V.; Gaychuk, Yu. N.; Pivkin, I. G.; Timoshenko, A. V.; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2020Experimental characterization of firebrand ignition of some wood building materialsTarakanova, V. A.; Kasymov, Denis Petrovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Chicherina, Natality Viktorovna
2017Formation and Development of the Training System for Innovative Development of Regional IndustryKuznetsova, Olga Pavlovna; Kuznetsova, Svetlana Viktorovna; Yumaev, Egor Aleksandrovich; Kuznetsov, Vladimir Vladimirovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2016Highly-Effective Purification of Air on the Fibrous Filtering NozzlesGaltseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Bordunov, S. V.; Torgaev, Stanislav Nikolaevich
2016Improvement of the Quality of Water Purification from Hydrocarbons Using the Fibers from Recycled ThermoplasticsGaltseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Bordunov, S. V.; Natalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Mazikov, S .V.
2021Improving the heat resistance of polymer electrical insulation systems for the modernization of induction motorsLeonov, Andrey Petrovich; Usacheva, Tatjyana Vladimirovna; Lyapunov, Danil Yurievich; Voronina, Nataljya Alekseevna; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Rogachev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
2017Injection Process Control of the Well at the Hydrodynamic Research of CoalbedOdnokopylov, Ivan Georgievich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Krasnov, Ivan Yurievich; Smirnov, Aleksandr Olegovich; Karpov, M. S.; Surzhikova, O. A.; Kuznetsov, V. V.; Li, J.
2016Method of Noncontact Calibration of the Robotic Ultrasonic TomographBorikov, Valery Nikolaevich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Filippov, G. A.
2020Model of forming a spatial-temporary radio frequency portrait of subscriber terminals in satellite communication systems monitoringBaldychev, M.; Bosiy, Denis Petrovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Jiang X. H.
2020On the design of some devices for localization and extinguishing wildfires of different intensitiesKasymov, Denis Petrovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna
2017Physico-chemical Modification of the Fibrous Filter Nozzles for Purification Processes of Water and AirBordunov, S. V.; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Natalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Rogachev, A. A.; Ruizhi Zhang
2016Processing line for industrial radiation-thermal synthesis of doped lithium ferrite powdersSurzhikov, Anatoly Petrovich; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Vasendina, Elena Aleksandrovna; Vlasov, Vitaliy Anatolievich; Nikolaev, Evgeny Vladimirovich
2017Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Estimating the Library and Information ServicesNatalinova, Nataliya Mikhailovna; Galtseva (Gal’tseva), Olga Valerievna; Xiu, N.; Belan, Angelina