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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aerosol pollution as a Challengin environmental problem of the modern worldGamzatova, S. I.
2018Chemical recycling of polymer wastes based on polylactideKrevsun, V. V.; Lazarev, K. V.; Maletsky, V. U.
2016Deformation stages of technical aluminum at reverseVaulina, Olga Yurievna; Durnovtseva, A. N.; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna
2016Ecologization of water-land property matters on the territory of the Tom lower coursePopov, Viktor Konstantinovich; Kozina, Mariya Viktorovna; Levak, Yu. Yu.; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna
2016Energy efficiency, low-carbon energy production, and economic growth in CIS countriesVazim, Andrey Aleksandrovich; Kochetkova, Olga Petrovna; Azimzhamov, I.; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna; Dmitrieva, N.
2016Features of chemical-mineralogical composition and processing properties for medium-ferrous bauxitesGovorova, Larisa Pavlovna; Vakalova, Tatyana Viktorovna; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna; Reshetova, Antonina Aleksandrovna; Potapova, A. P.
2015Influence of Stony Rocks Additives on Strengthening of Aluminosilicate Ceramics from Fusible ClaysGovorova, Larisa Pavlovna; Vakalova, Tatyana Viktorovna; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna; Zagaynova, L. A.
2016Internationalization of higher education in the context of globalizationThanh Hieu Nguyen; Orion Solang
2015Learning English with the help of the e-learning course based on LMS MOODLEVotkina, D. E.
2015Medical geology as a challenging issue (within the framework of human ecology)Savoskin, A. I.
2016Medical geology studies: problems, prospects, solutionsSavoskin, A. I.
2018The problem of Chinese migrationYatsuk, D. A.; Chupina, E. A.
2016Problems of crude oil refining in RussiaGamzatova, S. I.
2016Research of functional properties of nitride ion-plasma coatingsVaulina, Olga Yurievna; Ovechkin, Boris Borisovich; Papchenko, A. V.; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna
2016The Russian language as a mode of self-identity cultivation in the Russian émigré communityShvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna; Novikova, Elena
2015Teaching Disciplines "History of Russia" and "Country Studies" to Foreign Students: Problems and SolutionsVoytovich, Aleksey Viktorovich; Shvagrukova, Ekaterina Vasilevna; Chan Din Tan Sy
2016Teaching English to Vietnamese students in the higher institutionTran Dinh Tan Xu