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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A behavior model of the viscoelastic system with a melting component under loadChumakov, Yu. A.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2017Calculation of the effective thermal properties of composites based on titaniumAnisimova, Mariya Aleksandrovna; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014Cellular automata modeling of microcrystalline structure formationMikolaychuk, Mikhail; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2016Coating synthesis controlled by electron-beam heatingGordienko, A. I.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Pobol, I. L.
2014The influence effect of coupling on solid-phase conversion in the plate from composition materials under condition of axial tension and shiftingChumakov, Yuri Aleksandrovich; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2016The influence of some model parameters on the impurity distribution implanted into substrate surfaceParfenova, Elena Sergeevna; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014The influence of the layer sizes on the conversion regimes realizing at layered composite synthesisAligozhina, Kamila; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014The influence of vacancy generation at the initial stage of ion implantationParfenova, Elena Sergeevna; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014Intermediate layer formation between inclusion and matrix during synthesis of unidirectional fibrous compositeKnyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Kruykova, Olga; Lurie, Sergey; Solyaev, Yury; Shavnev, Andrey
2017Mathematical model of high-temperature synthesis of the ni3al intermetallic compound in the mode of the powder pressing thermal explosion of the stehchiometric composition initial elementsBukrina, N. V.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Ovcharenko, Vladimir Efimovich
2016The mathematical model of the initial stage of surface treatment with particle fluxParfenova, Elena Sergeevna; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2016Mathematical modelling of thermal and kinetic phenomena in electron-beam technologiesKnyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Pobol, I. L.; Demidov, Valery Nikolaevich
2014Micro- and macrostresses in two level model of coating growthNazarenko, N. N.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014Model of evolution of surface grain structure under ion bombardmentKnyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Kryukova, Olga
2017Modeling 2D material heterostructures for optoelectronic applicationsKim, L. R.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Zahn, D. R. T.; Sheremet, E.; Rodriguez (Rodriges) Contreras, Raul David
2016Multilayer Coating Formation at the Deposition from PlasmaShanin, Sergei Aleksandrovich; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2014New phase synthesis in surface layer in the conditions of ion implantationKhan, Asfandyar; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna
2017Obtaining of bioinert alloy with low young's modulus and products for medical applications by selective laser meltingSharkeev, Yury Petrovich; Saprykin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich; Dmitriev, Andrey Ivanovich; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Kovalevskaya, Zhanna Gennadievna; Eroshenko, A.Yu.; Khimich, M. A.; Fedorov, V. V.
2016Scale effects in tribological properties of solid-lubricating composites made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filled with calcium stearate particlesLurie, S. A.; Volkov-Bogorodskiy, D. B.; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna; Panin, Sergey Viktorovich; Kornienko, L. A.
2017Sintering of composite powder on the substrate, controlled by electronic beamKryukova, Olga Nikolaevna; Knyazeva, Anna Georgievna