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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The analysis of the external factors influence on the efficiency of the absorption heat pumps inclusion in the scheme of a two-stage line installation of a STPLuzhkovoy, Dmitriy; Romashova, Olga Yurievna; Vagner, Marina Anatolievna; Tubolev, Aleksandr Anatolievich; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2017Analysis of the Irtysh surface water as natural sources of water supply and steam production in the heat and power industryEgorova, Galina; Egorov, Andrey; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Martseva, Tatiana Aleksandrovna; Riabova, Elena
2016Analysis of the state and funding of the oil and gas industry in RussiaKonovalova, M. I.; Strashenko, M. M.; Shtanko, Marina Aleksandrovna; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich
2017The comparison of complexities of the Chinese and Russian languages on the example of terminology of chemistryИванова, Ж. К.
2014Das ataktische Polypropylen in der EnergetikZavialov, P. B.; Debelova, N. N.; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich
2017The effectiveness of absorption heat pumps application for the increase of economic efficiency of CHP operationLuzhkovoy, Dmitriy; Romashova, Olga Yurievna; Tubolev, Aleksandr Anatolievich; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2016Electric Equipment Diagnosis based on Wavelet AnalysisStavitsky, Sergey; Palukhin, Nikolay; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2016The feasibility study of electronic components application in MicranOlcheyben, D.; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich
2015Foreign Languages in Russian Education and ScienceSharapova, Irina Vyacheslavovna; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich
2016Main features of german languge policyKobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Kachalov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich
2016Neutron Age Determination in Fast Reactor Materials using the Group MethodKabanova, Marina; Yuzhakov, Aleksey; Kuzmin, Arian Valerievich; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2017Onomatological analysis of the technonyms in the sphere of energetics (based on the Russian, English and Chinese languages)Plutalova, Tatiana; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2015Peculiarities of Translation Realionyms into GermanKobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Tarasova, Ekaterina Sergeevna
2016Personnel policy and the development of customs service in TomskMilevskaya, A. D.; Bulgakova, T. A.; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Novikova, Vera Stanislavovna
2016A researching of the process of binding software to hardwarePiletskaia, A. Yu.; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich
2017Structural Characteristic of the German-English Hybrids of the Information Security SpherePoendaeva, Darya; Kobenko, Yury Viktorovich; Riabova, Elena
2015Translation problems in quality management professional literatureGurskih, M. S.