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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016American and British English: principal differencesAshikhmin, A. E.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2014Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumptionMurzakozhoeva, K. D.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2016Distributed generation and its fundamentalsAvazov, A. R.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2014Green car technologies as a part of smart gridLitvinenko, V.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2014Implementation of a solar-diesel power plant in decentralized area of the Republic of AltaiRomanenkov, A. I.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2015Implementing Blended Learning Technology in Higher Professional EducationMatukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich; Zhitkova, Elena
2015Learner-centered Approach in Teaching Foreign Language: Psychological and Pedagogical ConditionsMatukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich; Bolgova, Daria
2016Operation modes of a hydro-generator as a part of the inverter micro hydropower plantLukutin, Boris Vladimirovich; Shandarova, Elena Borisovna; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich; Makarova, A. F.; Fuks, I. L.
2016The origin of modern English slangFedorenko, Roman; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2016Primary challenges in learning EnglishStupnikov, A. S.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2014Renewable Energy SourcesSavitskaya, I. V.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich
2017Simulation and optimization of wind and diesel power supply systemsLukutin, Boris Vladimirovich; Shandarova, Elena Borisovna; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich; Igisenov, A. A.; Shandarov, S. M.
2014Supercritical water reactorVinogradov, M. P.; Matukhin, Dmitriy Leonidovich