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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Quality monitoring of diesel fuel available at filling stations of Tomsk cityAltynov, A. A.; Bogdanov, I. A.
2016The Quality of Education as a Factor of Social Well-Being: the Transdisciplinary Approach to EducationBrylina, Irina Vladimirovna; Nikitina, Yulia Anatolyevna; Ponomarev, Vladimir Alekseevich
2016Quality of life - the factor of Russia success at present and in the futureBerkalov, S. V.; Pluchevckaya, Emiliya Valerievna; Kozlova, Nataliya Vladislavovna
2016Quality of life as the basis for achieving social welfare of the populationKrinitsyna, Zoya Vasilievna; Mikhailova, T. R.; German, M. V.
2016Quality of Life for the Purposes of the Ecological World Outlook Formation in the Educational Environment of Mechanical EngineerPoleshchuk, Larisa Gennadievna; Vorobyova, Tatyana; Gnedash, Dmitriy
2014Quality policy is an integral factor in the development of the companySurtaeva, A. V.
2017Quality-by-Design (QbD) process evaluation for phytopharmaceuticals on the example of 10-deacetylbaccatin III from yewUhlenbrock, Lukas; Sixt, Maximilian; Strube, Jochen
2007Quantitative estimation of abnormal geochemical field parameters and forecast of gold mineralizationVoroshilov, V. G.; Timkin, Т. V.
2016Quantitative mineralogy and particle-size distribution of bed sediments in the northern part of the Laptev seaKazhumukhanova, M. Z.
2018Quantum and classical effects at scattering of high energy charged particles in thin crystalsShul’ga, N. F.; Shulga, S. N.
2018Quantum chemical investigations on molecular complexes of p-chloranil with piperidine, aniline, and their derivativesRustambek, U.
2016Quantum chemical study of the structure and properties of isotopically pure lead chalcogenidesPoleshchuk, Oleg Khemovich; Egorov, Nikolai Borisovich; Akimov, Dmitry Vasilievich; Zherin, Ivan Ignatyevich; Zhuravlev, N. A.
2015Quantum resonances in small-angular positrons and electrons reflectionKorotchenko, Konstantin Borisovich; Eikhorn, Yury; Pivovarov, Yuriy Leonidovich
2016Quantum-chemical modeling of the electronic structure of aromatic hydrocarbons of catalytic cracking of vacuum distillateStebeneva, V. I.; Nazarova, Galina Yurievna
2015Quantum-chemical study of electronically excited states ofprotolytic forms of vanillic acidVusovich, O. V.; Tchaikovskaya, O. N.; Sokolova, I. V.; Vasileva, N. Y.
2015The Question of Energy-Efficient Design of the Automated Electric Drive of Multi-Engine Belt ConveyorsSemykina, Irina Yurievna; Zavyalov, Valery Mikhailovich
2016The Questions of Development of Fiberoptic Sensors for Measuring Pressure with Improved Metrological and Operational CharacteristicsYurchenko, Aleksey Vasilievich; Alkina, Aliya; Mekhtiev, Ali; Bulatbayev, Felikc; Neshina, Elena
2015Radial deformations of working cylinder of hydraulic Legs depending on their extensionBuyalich, Gennadiy Daniilovich; Buyalich, K. G.; Voyevodin, V. V.
2015Radial distribution of a single-pass amplified radiation in the active elements of CuBr lasersGubarev, Fedor Aleksandrovich; Klenovskii, M. S.; Lin Li
2016Radial Strains of Double-layer Cylinders in Hydraulic Props of Powered SupportsBuyalich, Gennadiy Daniilovich; Buyalich, К. G.; Voevodin, V. V.