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Title: Street-art and graffiti in scientific discourse: concepts´ definitions and basic research topics
Authors: Kirsanova, Ekaterina
Ardashkin, Igor Borisovich
Zeremskaya, Yuliya Aleksandrovna
Keywords: cтрит-арт; граффити; исследования; СМИ
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Kirsanova E. Street-art and graffiti in scientific discourse: concepts´ definitions and basic research topics / E Kirsanova, I. B. Ardashkin, Yu. A. Zeremskaya // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. — 2016. — № 8. — [3 p.].
Abstract: This article presents the topic of international education of students in Russia focusing on the socialization of students by means of mass sport activities and the problems associated with this in term of the scientific educational perspective. In the article, there is also a logical rationale of international education of students in Russian universities. The key terms are defined, which reveal the basic concept and meaning behind the article. The potential of the mass sport activities of the university is demonstrated as a productive method of socio-educational work with students within the international education framework. Most current tasks of the international education concerning both Russian and foreign students, who study within the national higher education system, are presented. The materials for the article have been collected by using the method of theoretical analysis, as well as, by analyzing the experience of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (NR TPU). The article describes and analyzes the results of the empirical study conducted by using a survey method, with the respondents being foreign students who study at the NR TPU. The conclusions, based on the understanding and interpretation of the empirical research, are formulated and the perspectives of the development of this topic are presented.
ISSN: 2312-2978
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