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Title: Leadership as a Control Method in the Period of Changes
Authors: Allayarova, Zhanar Sabitova
Kalashnikova, Tatiana Vladimirovna
Moiseenko, Y. A.
Keywords: leadership; leader; charismatic leader; charisma; power; management; effective leadership; лидерство; лидеры; харизма; харизматические лидеры; управление
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Allayarova, Zhanar Sabitova. Leadership as a Control Method in the Period of Changes [Electronic resource] / Zh. S. Allayarova, T. V. Kalashnikova, Y. A. Moiseenko // Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences . — 2015 . — Vol. 166 : Proceedings of The International Conference on Research Paradigms Transformation in Social Sciences 2014 (RPTSS-2014), 16–18 October 2014, Tomsk, Russia . — [P. 43-47] .
Abstract: The article provides an overview of the conceptual understanding of leadership in social management development. Authors differentiate between leadership comprehensions. Particular attention has been paid to value-based theories and modern 21st century leadership models, where the world is understood as dynamic, constantly changing and risky. Leadership is considered as a process of effective modern organization management.
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