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Title: Metal-organic frameworks applied for water purification
Authors: Chaemchuen, Somboon
Wang, Ji Chao
Gilani, Ali G.
Francis, Francis Verpoort
Keywords: purification; water; pollution; adsorption; металлоорганические соединения; вода; очистка; загрязнение; адсорбенты
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Metal-organic frameworks applied for water purification / S. Chaemchuen [и др.] // Resource-Efficient Technologies. — 2018. — № 1. — [P. 1-16].
Abstract: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) which are materials constructed from metal ions/clusters bridged with organic linkers have emerged as an important family of porous materials for widely varying applications. The purification of water polluted with both of organic and inorganic contaminants is a potentially promising application of MOFs since the chemical and thermal properties of the porous materials are easily tunable, e.g. ligand modification, different metal, etc. The demonstration of alignment and theobtained insights facilitate the direction of designing ideal MOF materials with improved water stability for application in water purification. This review gives a brief overview and will be beneficial to the design, functionalization, and promotion of the development of MOFs as adsorbent materials for applications in water purification.
ISSN: 2405-6537
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