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Title: Analysis of professional image communication in media discourse
Authors: Volkova, Evgeniya Vladimirovna
Keywords: mass media; image; professional community; communication; media text; new texts; СМИ; профессиональное сообщество; связи; медиатексты
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Volkova E. V. Analysis of professional image communication in media discourse / E. V. Volkova // Journal of Economics and Social Sciences. — 2018. — № 13. — [5 p.].
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the analysis of the professional image in media discourse from the point of view of a universal communication model, which includes such components as subject, object, message, channel, goal and result of communication. The study revealed that the effectiveness of creating an attractive professional image in modern mass media is determined by the general principles of Internet communication: the convention of the addressee, the recipient?s interactivity, the spontaneity of communication, the transformation of the image text, the emergence of new mass media, etc. The influence of the addressee category on all components of image communication determines the special significance of the analysis of the target audience in the process of creating a positive image of the professional community.
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