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Title: One-dimensional soliton system of gauged Q -ball and anti- Q -ball
Authors: Gauzshteyn, Vyacheslav Valerjevich
Loginov, Aleksey Yurievich
Keywords: калибровочные модели; электромагнитные взаимодействия; солитонные структуры
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Томский политехнический университет
Citation: Gauzshteyn V. V. One-dimensional soliton system of gauged Q -ball and anti- Q -ball / V. V. Gauzshteyn, A. Yu. Loginov // Physical Review D. — 2019. — Vol. 99, iss. 6. — [065011, 11 p.].
Abstract: The (1+1)-dimensional gauge model of two complex self-interacting scalar fields that interact with each other through an Abelian gauge field and a quartic scalar interaction is considered. It is shown that the model has nontopological soliton solutions describing soliton systems consisting of two Q-ball components possessing opposite electric charges. The two Q-ball components interact with each other through the Abelian gauge field and the quartic scalar interaction. The interplay between the attractive electromagnetic interaction and the repulsive quartic interaction leads to the existence of symmetric and nonsymmetric soliton systems. Properties of these systems are investigated by analytical and numerical methods. The symmetric soliton system exists in the whole allowable interval of the phase frequency, whereas the nonsymmetric soliton system exists only in some interior subinterval. Despite the fact that these soliton systems are electrically neutral, they nevertheless possess nonzero electric fields in their interiors. It is found that the nonsymmetric soliton system is more preferable from the viewpoint of energy than the symmetric one. Both symmetric and nonsymmetric soliton systems are stable against decay into massive scalar bosons.
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