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Title: Воля в контексте личностно-ориентированных системных исследований
Other Titles: Will in the context of person-centered system studies
Authors: Шелехов, И. Л.
Белозёрова, Г. В.
Берестнева, Елена Викторовна
Keywords: электронные ресурсы; psychology; psyche; personality; behavior; will; volition; system; structure; element; психология; психика; личность; поведение; воля; системные исследования; личностно-ориентированные системы
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Шелехов И. Л. Воля в контексте личностно-ориентированных системных исследований / И. Л. Шелехов, Г. В. Белозёрова, Е. В. Берестнева // Информационные технологии в науке, управлении, социальной сфере и медицине : сборник научных трудов VI Международной конференции, 14-19 октября 2019 г., Томск. — Томск : Изд-во ТПУ, 2019. — [428-440].
Abstract: The author's view on study issues is proposed on the basis of comparison and analysis of the existing definitions of "will" and "personality". The will is seen as one of the elements of the personality structure. The urgency of the study is indicated. The general description of will is provided. The importance of volitional action is determined. The types of actions included in the structure of the individual behavior are considered. The psychological mechanism of complex volitional action is described and illustrated by the author's graphic picture. The similarity of psychological mechanisms of complex volitional action and the formation of intrapersonal conflict is noted. The volitional characteristics of personality are characterized. The normative evaluation of will activity is presented. Disturbances of will activity are highlighted. The problem of will study in Western philosophy is reflected. The issue of will study in foreign and Russian psychology is mentioned. The sequence of stages of system study of will as an element of personality structure is offered. The materials of the article summarize the scientific outlook of will; complement the existing theoretical understandings about the structure of personality; allow to consider the psyche as a holistic education; are the theoretical basis for the development of optimal models of personality development, socialization, psychological treatment of behavior disorders.
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